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He calls his music “blue beat.” But what comes out when Quinn DeVeaux hits the mic might as well just be called joy. The Indiana native distills decades of American blues, country, soul, and gospel into a funky sound that feels as authentic as it does refreshing. With a voice smoother than a top-shelf single malt, he lends a convincing swagger to classic songs about love and loss...DeVeaux has a joyous sound all his own. Ian S. Port of SF Weekly

Good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll has its place, sure, but isn’t always known for its “ahem“ musicianship. That being said, it’s great to hear such musically sound tight-knit in-the-pocket jazztastic ensemble demonstrate some solid chops. Another group whose appeal will span generations. The Owl Magl

Every so often something comes across my desk that not only causes me to pick my jaw off the floor, but reminds why I began this effort. I don’t know Quinn Deveaux, but something inside of me implicitly resonates with what he is doing. This is one of those rare artists that reminds us that the essence of human soul is alive and well and living, in its most visceral form, in new independent music Music Zeitgeist

Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review put on an incredible live show. They were one of the surprise attractions at The Live Oak Music Festival. They had everyone dancing! Fred Friedman, Booking Committee, Live Oak Music Festival


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