Critic Quotes

...thanks to her extremely powerful and independent left hand and her ever resourceful right, she most often escapes direct comparison with her mentors." Jack Sohmer, JAZZTIMES

“Genius is a term tossed around too often by hucksters, but if ever it was merited, this unique composer-arranger-pianist-bandleader deserves it” Leonard Feather, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Clearly evident throughout the quartet's set was Akiyoshi's imprint as a pianist, one distinguished by hammered chords, chromatic runs and delicate filigree, but even more impressive were her evocative and sometimes haunting themes."Mike Joyce, THE WASHINGTON POST

“Her scores are probably the most diversified in textures and moods of any big band repertory in the world. They range from extraordinary subtle profiles of times and cultures to exultantly swinging celebrations, of well, swinging... Toshiko Akiyoshi is like no other big band leader-writer in the jazz world”Nat Hentoff, THE PROGRESSIVE

“The lady has a demon left hand, dark as the night, and a right that radiates light. No one plays piano like this anymore, and you'd have to go back fifty years to find anyone that played it better." Steve O'Keefe, CADENCE

"Mere words cannot describe the splendor of it all. Morel More! " Chris Albertson, STEREO REVIEW

Recordings – SMALL GROUP & SOLO

  • Amazing Toshiko Akiyoshi - Norgran
  • The Toshiko Trio - Storyville
  • Trio & Quartet - Storyville
  • United Notion - Metro Jazz
  • Toshiko Akiyoshi: Live at Newport - Verve
  • Many Sides of Toshiko - Verve
  • Toshiko Mariano Quartet - Candid
  • Toshiko Meets Old Friends - King
  • East & West - RVC
  • Toshiko & Steve Kuhn - Hi Fidelity
  • Fascinating Jazz - Victor
  • Toshiko & Modern Jazz - Columbia
  • Toshiko's Lullabies - Columbia
  • Toshiko at the Top of the Gate - Columbia The Personal Dimension - Victor
  • Toshiko Akiyoshi: Solo Piano - Victor
  • Dedications - Discomate
  • Dedications II - Discomate
  • Just Be Bop - Discomate
  • Centaur - Discomate
  • Toshiko Plays Billy Strayhorn - Discomate Toshiko Plays Toshiko - Discomate
  • Tuttie Flutie - Discomate
  • Toshiko Akiyoshi - Toshiba - EMI
  • Time Stream - Toshiba - EMI
  • Interlude - Concord
  • Four Seasons - Japan Crown
  • Remembering Bud - Japan Crown
  • Chic Lady - Japan Crown
  • BeBop - Japan Crown
  • Live at Maybeck Hall - Concord
  • Night and Dream - Japan Crown
  • Toshiko With Brazilian Friends - Japan Crown
  • Time Stream: Toshiko Plays Toshiko - Japan Crown
  • Sketches of Japan - Japan Crown
  • Solo Live at the Kennedy Center - Japan Crown
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