The Brubeck Brothers The Boston Globe wrote "The Brubeck Brothers Quartet brings a new spirit to straight-ahead jazz." Dan Brubeck jaw-dropping solos on Take Five have brought audiences all over the world to their feet. Chris Brubeck is an affable front man and his versatility as a much-in-demand composer, arranger, and performer on bass and trombone makes him a unique talent in the music world. Mike DeMicco's technical prowess on the guitar always impresses, and Chuck Lamb is a superb and soulful pianist with an endlessly creative musical imagination. Chris Brubeck has written many orchestral pieces.. enough to gain a reputation as a gifted classical composer – albeit with strong jazz influences. That’s why the Chicago Tribune called him a “21st Century Lenny┬áBernstein.”

Eddie Daniels "...Eddie Daniels combines elegance and virtuosity in a way that makes me remember Artur Rubenstein: he is a thoroughly well bred demon." Leonard Bernstein

Eddie Daniels is that rarest of rare musicians who is not only equally at home in both jazz and classical music, but excels at both with breathtaking virtuosity.

Clearly a renaissance musician, a virtuoso in both jazz and classical music, his overriding ambition is to reach as many people as possible with his music, to enlarge the audience for both jazz and classical music and at the same time to tear down the walls separating them. In Eddie’s hands the music of Mozart can be as engaging as that of Charlie Parker and a concert featuring both can be a uniquely rewarding experience for the audience.

Eddie Daniels was the featured soloist with the London Symphony Orchestra with Kristjan Jaarvi conducting, performing the Copland Concerto for clarinet and the Bernstein"Fugues and Riffs" at the Barbican. He will perform again this year in Leipzig with Kristjan Jaarvi .

Marlena Shaw A true original, Marlena Shaw masterfully blurs the lines between jazz, rock, swing, and R&B. She first performed at the Apollo Theater at age 10, but got her big break when she was invited to sing with the Count Basie Orchestra in the late '60s. Her smoky, soulful voice and extroverted stage presence have wowed audiences the world over, offering "a lifetime's experience [that] adds up to something worth celebrating" (The New York Times). Shaw brings the flash of the disco era to the symphony stage with her funky California Soul material.

The Mills Brothers With their impeccable musicology and the priceless charts of The Mills Brothers’ discography of smash recordings, John Mills and Elmer Hopper present a singular recreation of music that has been universally embraced by audiences since 1922 including the classics Glow Worm, Up A Lazy River, Opus 1


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